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Download Minecraft PE v1.20.40 for Android


Today Minecraft has Released the official version of Minecraft v1.20.40, this update was of 72.57MB, Many bugs and lags have been fixed in this update and many other things have also been added.

Which is explained in detail below and how to use it is also explained.

Minecraft Apk 1.20.40 Download
App NameMinecraft - Pocket Edition
OS versionAndroid
Last updated25.10.2023
Last Version1.20.40

A lot of nice things have been added in this update and many things have also been added from the Java version. That's why we can now set the Respawn Radius manually.

Respawn Radius - Using this feature, it can be spawned at any particular place. You can set it at any place, after that when you die, it will spawn at the same place. It is very simple to use, you have to open Minecraft and go to settings, after that go to game options and by clicking down you will get the respawn radius, set it and have fun.

There is another feature added to it, using which if you fall from a great height, it will not get damaged. It is also very easy to use, for that you sit in the boat and jump down from there, you will not get any damage at all, whereas if you jump using any mob, then the mob will die first and then you will get damaged.

Audio update - A lot of audio updates have also come, in which you will get many horns which you can blow, it will be more beneficial in multiplayer, using its sound you can tell your location to your friends.

Water sound - water sound is also added in this version.

Sensor - now, sensor is also optimised very well.

Final Conclusion - Some other small things have also been added, like if the cat is hungry and you have a fish, it will make a sound. If we look at it overall, nothing major has been done, small things of Java Edition have been added. Rest play and enjoy, thank you

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