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How to put a Roblox gift Card on iphone in 2023

What's up guys and welcome to Bradogaming.com Today in this article i'll be explain you How to Redeem a Roblox Gift Card on your phone either an Android or ios Device ?


How to redeem a Roblox gift card on iphone

Now the first thing i'll have you know is you cannot Redeem a Roblox gift card using the Roblox Application on your phone or on your tablet.

There's really no provision to do that on the app. So, what you want to do on your mobile is open your Favourite browser and then you want to go to roblox.com

And you'll be prompted to go to the app but then at the bottom there you should see a link that says 'continue in browser' click on this.

So you want to tap in that and that will take you to the Roblox login page.

So what you want to do now is log into you Roblox account.

Once you're logged in simply tap on the menu in the top left cornor these little line so you want to tap on those.

and a little menu will pop up on the left hand side panel.

And you want to tap on gift card. When you tap on gift card then open new page.

After archived on this page click on Redeem. And that will take you to the redeem roblox code page.

Here you can now enter the code of your roblox gift card.

Then tap on Redeem.

And then your gift card gone Redeem successfully and you has added to your account.

Thanks for Reading.